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Rules of Wearing a Hijab?

Question:What are the Rules of Wearing a Hijab? Answer:Hijab is obligatory on every Muslim woman who reaches to the age of puberty; there is no exception for any adult Muslim woman to skip the Hijab.However, it is necessary to know that what is the proper way of wearing hijab? Rules of Wearing a Hijab? To […]

At What Age Do Muslim Wear Hijab?

Question:At what age do Muslim wear Hijab? Answer:Islam is the divine religion and provides the complete code of life. It guides you to the instructions that makes lives easier and provides everyone equal chance to live with dignity and respect. In Islam, there are two types of instructions; first group talks about the individual growth […]

Why do Muslim Women Cover their Hair?

Why do muslim women cover their hair? Islam is the fastest-growing religion, and it is the most controversial religion as well because Muslims across the world don’t let anyone change their fundamental beliefs and rulings. One of the famous controversies against Islam is; why muslim women cover their hair. Why do Muslim Women Cover their […]