At what age do Muslim wear Hijab?

Islam is the divine religion and provides the complete code of life. It guides you to the instructions that makes lives easier and provides everyone equal chance to live with dignity and respect.

In Islam, there are two types of instructions; first group talks about the individual growth and second types talks about the social values and stability of society.

To keep the piece of society maintain Islam provides the code of ethics which Includes the dress code instructions as well.

Hijab In Islam

Islam talks about being modest and covering the body which is also the symbol of piety in other religions as well, like Christianity. Likewise Islam emphasizes to wear hijab but at what age?

At What Age Do Muslim Wear Hijab?

Islam makes the Hijab obligatory for a woman since the age of puberty or if a girl is attractive or beautiful enough even if she doesn’t reach the age of puberty.

To know the evidences on the obligation of Hijab, read:

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