What is IslamQA?

Islamqa is a website that answers the questions of Muslims related to Islam and how and what they should do in different phases and affairs of life, from theology to prayers; they talk about all the matters in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

Who is the Founder of IslamQa?

The website Islamqa was founded by Shaikh Saleh Al Munajjid in 1997 with the same name.

What is the Domain of IslamQA?

The domain of IslamQa is as follows:

In how many languages IslamQa operates?
Currently, IslamQA is available in 15 languages as follows:
1) Arabic
2) English
3) Urdu
4) Hindi
5) Indonesian
6) Spanish
7) French
8) Tajik
9) Uygur
10) Portuguese
11) German
12) Persian
13) Russian
15) Turkish

What IslamQA talks about?

IslamQa talks about everything related to Islamic Law; and what every Muslim needs to know about their religion.

Also, IslamQa doesn’t get involved in politics.

How many visitors does IslamQA get?

As per the analysis, IslamQA organically gets the daily traffic of at least 120,000 users.

Does IslamQA have multiple domains?

No, IslamQA doesn’t have multiple domains.

Is IslamQA reliable?

Yes, IslamQA is a reliable website. and is being operated under the qualified scholars, but one must know that one should follow the scholars of their lands in their local matters; as those scholars understand the situation better.

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