Are Black Cats Jinns?

All praise is to Allah and be His blessings upon the Prophet.

Allah has created different creatures and among them Jinns are the most mysterious as we can’t see them with naked eyes.

Some times they appear in different forms that are familiar to us like animals, as the hadeeth states:
الجن ثلاثة أصناف صنف لهم أجنحة يطيرون في الهواء وصنف حيات وكلاب وصنف يحلون ويظعنون

Jinn are of three types:
A type which have wings and the fly in the air.
A type which transforms into snakes and dogs.
A type which stays and leaves.
[Ibn Hibban]

Are Black Dogs Jinns?

Not always, but yes jinns can transform into the black dogs, as narrated in the hadeeth:
 الكَلْبُ الأسْوَدُ شيطانٌ

The black dog is devil.

Are Black Cats Jinns?

There is no narration which states that black cate are jinns specifically, but if we consider the powers of jinns to transform; it is possible for them to convert themselves in to cats.

Imam ibn Taymiyyah says:

“Jinn can come in the form of black dogs. Similarly they can also come in the form of black cats”

(Majmu ‘ul Fatawa, vol. 19 pg. 52)

So it is possible but not necessary; secondly cats are lovely and the companions had cats as a pet. So, we must no be superstitious about the cats.

And Allah knows the best.

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